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mineral density in children with type 1 diabetes"

05.03.2010 Kai Kliiman "Highly drug-resistant tuberculosis in Estonia: risk factors and predictors of poor treatment outcome"

15.06.2010  Mart Kull „Impact of vitamin D and hypolactasia on bone mineral density: a population based study in Estonia"

18.06.2010  Rael Laugesaar  „Paediatric stroke in Estonia – epidemiology and risk factors"

22.06.2010 Mark Braschinsky  „Epidemiology and quality of life issues of hereditary spastic paraplegia in Estonia and implemention of genetic analysis in everyday neurologic practice“

30.06.2010 Kadri Suija  „Major depression in family medicine: associated factors, recurrence and possible intervention"

22.09.2010 Kristi Abram „The prevalence and risk factors of rosacea. Subjective disease perception of rosacea patients"

22.11.2010 Malle Kuum „Mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticulum cation fluxes: novel roles in cellular physiology“

24.11.2010 Rita Teek „The genetic causes of early onset hearing loss in Estonian children“

1.04.2011 Ene-Renate Pähkla „Factors Related to the Efficency of Treatment of Advanced Periodontitis" 

27.05.2011 Maarja Krass "L-Arginine pathways and antidepressant action"

02.11.2011 Radko Avi
"Natural polymorphisms and transmitted drug resistance in HIV-1 CRF06_cpx and its recombinant viruses in Estonia"

27.01.2012 Triin Jagomägi 
"A study of genetic etiology of nonsyndromic cleft lip and palate"

30.03.2012 Ülle Parm "Early mucosal colonisation and its role in prediction of invasive infection in neonates at risk of early onset sepsis"

03.05.2012 Kaupo Teesalu "Autoantibodies against desmin and transglutaminase 2 in celiac disease: diagnostic and functional significance"

01.06.2012 Maksim Zagura "
Biochemical, functional and structural profiling of arterial damage in

15.06.2012 Vivian Kont
"Autoimmune Regulator: Characterization of Thymic Gene Regulation and
Promoter Methylation“

26.09.2012 Sigrid Vorobjov "Drug use, related risk behaviour and harm reduction interventions utilization among injecting drug users in Estonia: implications for drug policy"

16.10.2012 Martin Serg "Therapeutic aspects of central haemodynamics, arterial
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30.11.2012 Kertu Rünkorg „Functional changes of dopamine, endopioid and endocannabinoid systems in CCK2 receptor deficient mice“

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