1. Preparing and conducting Winter- and Summer Schools, intensive courses and practical trainings, seminars etc events addressed to doctoral students.

2. Including foreign lecturers, scientists, (co)instructors or doctorate students in events conducted in Estonia. 

3. Preparing and conducting interdisciplinary research projects for doctorate students.

4. Including foreign (co)instructors and doctorate students and instructors in short-term non-international and international visitations to see (co)instructors or participate in conferences.

5. Organising trainings for lecturers and instructors in order to enhance their competence in teaching and instructing.

6. Evolving new courses or developing the existing ones in doctoral study curriculums (including inviting foreign lecturers).

7. Popularise science and doctorate schools, including the publishing of articles which introduce doctoral papers.

8. Preparation of events that develop the collaboration between universities and private and public sectors (collective seminars).

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